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Writer, Artist, Poet.

My mental health has been abysmal over the last few months, and I can feel a manic episode burgeoning.

My sex drive has returned in noticeable force as well as my tendencies to stay awake till the early hours of the morning pacing around my flat restless with energy, which I often channel into my creative pursuits.

My guitar skills have considerably improved in the last 2 weeks to the extent that several people have commented on it. A seemingly positive effect, if it wasn't at the hands of 10hour sessions every day for weeks. To the point that I…

I have struggled intensely with mental health problems for years and years now. It is something that I have come to accept will be a challenge throughout my entire life, I have bipolar disorder and ADHD, a potent and neurotic cocktail. Constantly my mood is shifting between elucidated manic phases that could have me screaming at walls in ecstasy or shaking on the floor terrified whilst I lose the concept of reality as panic sets in.

Another thing that I struggle with constantly is looking at my phone and my technological consumption. I spend way more time than I can…

What are the social implications behind OnlyFans? The internet’s newest fascination. Firstly, it’s important to analyse the reasoning behind its conception, is it an idea that further perpetrates patriarchal notions around tits as a commodity? Or is it the next stage in fourth wave digital feminism? Interestingly the brainchild of 37-year-old Timothy Stokeley, a self-proclaimed tech entrepreneur based in London. Has his invention spurred the empowerment of women or simply filled another unnecessary gap in an overtly sexual market aimed at reducing women to nothing more than a quick means to an end.

I’m sure these are not questions that…

Today a week ago on Tuesday the 8th I was rushed into hospital after an overdose of paracetamol on Monday night. Ironically right at the beginning of mental health awareness week. My flatmate and friend rang for an ambulance which found me basically unresponsive and delusional.

I had picked up a kitchen knife the night before and gored my inner left arm repeatedly, over and over, until blood was spitting out of my arm. Then stumbled into my room and took just under 50, 500mg paracetamol tablets.

It is unimaginable the sort of loneliness you experience to act like this…

Porn, what’s so great about it? Everybody watches it, everybody seeks it out and everybody revels in it. We as a world, love, porn. It’s thrilling as a child, very convenient as an adolescent yet only palatable as an adult.

It comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours and severity, but it seems there still exists an air of taboo around it; unless of course, you’re a teenage male. In which case every facet of it is explored in 90% of all conversation with your peers.

Example conversation –

“Mate you heard of Riley Reid?”

“Nah, why?”

“Fucking hell…

A moment of great joy and melancholy.

Ever since I was a young adolescent, I have struggled under the burden of my mental health issues and my own personal culpabilities with regards to it. I cannot explain the incredibly aching pain it puts me through, but it is something I would rebuild Babylon for, cut my eyes out with a fork, or perhaps sever my link to the world to end. Day to day life can be monumentally difficult for me, laying unwashed in a bed of grime for days at a time, not eating for a week, chained to the bed by Lucifer, pouring triple distilled…

A recreational guide.

Cut off your ear.

Lock yourself away for days at a time.

Join a cult.

Start a cult.

Get drunk.

Eat crisps.


Have sex.

Go to a swingers club.

Become a stripper.

Practice for hours at a time.

Indulge your ego.


Swim in self-pity.

Take drugs.

Drink Absinthe.

Swallow your food whole.

Chew your tongue.

Grow a beard.

Live off only grapes and water for a year.

Do yoga.

Get married.

Get divorced.

Push everyone away.

Focus on work only.

Write poems.

Read poems.

Listen to your favourite album until you hate it.

Listen to…

I spent all evening with my parents, we stayed In and watched TV. Being around them, amongst them, beside them, talking to them makes me so happy. Friends are tempting me to go out tonight. I follow their orders and we end up in town Is this the beginning of my life being turned upside-down. Somebody is passing around a grotty barely translucent plastic bag, It’s got a cheap white looking powder inside Dipping the tip of my house key I take a snotty sniff Now my pupils are extremely bug-eyed. We end up at my least favourite club the…

Some of the many examples of free music streaming

Somewhere along the dusty yellow brick road of Grammys and platinum record disks, did the music experience stumble and fall forward onto the jagged lance of global commercialisation? Has the character of your favourite songs been stripped away to the exposed bone? The raw nerves of music dulled to throbbing echoes of what they once were. The eradication of art from the body of music began with digital distribution.

Culprits such as Steve Jobs and Sean Parker pioneered the purge. Once music was able to be digitally formatted into mp3 the scale of illicit music copying became unparalleled, no longer…

2018 — Glasgow, Scotland

Growing up as a white boy in a third world Latino country in South America ensured that I was always conscious of my skin colour. In fact, I’d say my upbringing has given me a bit of a unique understanding into the rife racism within western first world countries. Of course, I will never fully experience institutionalised racism, but it gives me an ability to empathise. Providing me with a shred of insight into a decaying affliction — an affliction that we, as a united human people, do not want festering in our world any longer.

My parents are devout…

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